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Comprehensive planning is the process of tying together estate, business, risk, insurance, retirement, tax, investment and charitable planning along with family goals and ambitions into one cohesive and integrated financial blueprint.

The start of the financial planning process should begin with identifying and prioritizing your  objectives.
We take a comprehensive approach by looking at both your immediate and long term  needs in the context of these six key  areas.

Financial Position
  • Assessing your assets  and liabilities
  • Understanding your  cash flow
  • Building emergency  cash reserves
  • Improving yield on cash  reserves
  • Reducing interest  expense
  • Evaluating mortgage  financing
  • Analyzing and structuring business finances
Protection Planning
  • Losing income due to  disability
  • Providing for surviving  spouse and children
  • Giving or receiving long  term care services
  • Protecting personal  property and assets
  • Understanding current  coverages
  • Reducing personal and  business liability  exposures
  • Planning for business  continuation
Investment Management
  • Providing funds for  college education
  • Earmarking assets for  special purpose
  • Determining required  rate of return
  • Understanding your risk  tolerance
  • Planning for inflation
  • Reviewing risk and  return performance 
  • Creating or rebalancing  asset allocation
  • Growing investments for  your own business

We understand that your company may require more than just a policy and the process doesn't end after the coverage is bound.  By working in conjunction with our clients, we have developed facilities which provide a specific benefits to our client's businesses.  These services are outside of the standard agency services, and may be customized to fit your needs.

Collateral / Loss Fund Management
  • Overseeing your capital contributed
  • Forecasting future contributions
  • Establishing and managing a secondary fund or reserve account
  • Monthly P&L on loss fund performance
  • Trending contributions
  • Reconciling payments from loss fund
  • Ongoing balance statements
Client Underwriting
& Pricing
  • Submission intake on your prospective clients
  • Carrier submission and approval
  • Client company pricing
  • Client Service Agreement Issueance
  • Maintain client underwriting file
  • Client Company profitability review
  • Client class code & state additions
Acquisition Exposure Analysis
  • Due Diligence review of seller's book
  • Attrition trending and forecasting
  • Determining required  rate of return for risk
  • Class code evaluation and analysis
  • Defining any coverage challanges
  • Forecasting acquisition's effect on client's loss fund or collateral
  • Assist in transition of business
Experience Modifier Assistance
  • Verifying factors used in calculations
  • Split-point review and confirmation
  • Loss weighing check
  • Submitting dispute of modifier
  • Management and control of dispute process and inquiries
  • Ensuring revisions are properly posted and applied
  • ARD change assistance
Expert Witness Services
  • Testimony provided in over 200 cases
  • Provide articulate testimony in a way the court easily understands
  • Federal & State jurisdiction experience 
  • No career expert witnesses (many states require experts to actively practice in their field of expertise)
  • History of working closely and well with counsel
  • High settlement rate
(CV & case history available upon request)
Background Screening Services
  • Fast, online process
  • Direct link to client's website
  • Group plan and rates
Premium Financing Services
  • Access to several finance companies
  • Competitive Rates
  • Low down payments
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