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AIP Claims Services LLC, a division of American Insurance Placements, Inc., is a facility created for the benefit of our client partners.  AIP Claims is dedicated to our client's loss control and claims needs.  

As your claim advocate, we represent you and your interests.  Our claims advocates not only have a deep understanding of the risk areas of your business, but they are also versed in how to mitigate losses.  We know the long-term effect claims can have on your pocketbook, and we are driven to keep these costs to a minimum.

Our Services:


We go above and beyond with our client services.  When you become a client of AIP, you'll have access to services such as:

  • Submission of Claim to Carrier

  • Client & Claimant Advocacy

  • Claim Mitigation Services

  • Client Loss Reviews

  • Loss Control Surveys

  • Claim Reserve Analysis

  • ALAE Audits

  • Claims Audits

  • Safety Program Review

  • Loss Trending

  • Risk Management Portal Access

  • HR Portal Access

  • Carrier Loss Control Implementation


Some clients need a more tailored fit service.  In these cases, AIP Claims is ready to provide these optional services such as:

  • Claims Intake

  • Custom Safety Program

  • Custom Claims Kit

  • Custom Injury Reporting Forms

  • Custom Witness Forms

  • Custom Medical Treatment Forms

  • Carrier & Claimant Intermediary

  • Medical Panel Review

  • Custom Return to Work Programs

  • Post Accident Drug Screening

  • Claim Investigation

  • Attorney & Client Intermediary

  • Claim Data Recordkeeping

  • Review Carrier Claim Expenditures

  • Negotiate Carrier Settlement Offers

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