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Industry specializations

Each industry and business has risks that are unique.  At AIP, it is our job to uncover those risks and offer solutions.  Understanding your specialized insurance needs is what sets up apart.  Whether you decide to insure all of your risk, or part, we make sure you know what they are.

In order to truly get to know your business, we have to know your industry.  AIP has departments specializing in various industries and services, where you're sure to find the expert you need.  

Staffing & PEO 

With programs and services designed specifically for the staffing and PEO industry, AIP has become a leader in this industry.


AIP provides the construction industry with coverage and services ranging from Bonding to Fleet.


Whether by air, sea, or land... AIP has people who know your risks.


We know the challenges facing the Agricultural industry.  Our services are designed to help you keep your employees in the field.

Artisan Contractors

With clients ranging from 1 employee to 10,000 thousand, we have solutions for your business.

Warehouse & Distribution

In a difficult industry to assess your continually changing risks, let AIP do the work for you.


In this rapidly growing industry, we are familiar with the challenges you face. From Hospitals to Home Healthcare, we can help.

Energy / Oil & Gas

With locations in Texas and Florida, we do more than just understand the industry, we live in it.

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