Welcome to American Insurance Placements

We believe in being advocates for our clients.  When it comes to your business, our commitment extends beyond most people’s definition of a conventional agent-client relationship. When we agree to engage with you, we recognize that we are in this together – for better or for worse.


Our hope is that over the course of our work together, you will see in us what so many of our other clients already have: experience, expertise, and reliability - and turn to us.  

Risk Management... it's a statement we've all heard referenced in many areas throughout our lives.  However, we have some Caveats:  Taking on more risk within your business may decrease your initial expenses, but may cause significant losses in the long term.  This includes the risk of losing some or all of the company you've worked hard to build.  There's a balance between playing it safe and living on the edge, and we will help find that comfort zone.
Our clients rely on us for many reasons, including: 


Combined over 200 years' experience in the insurance industry. Our experience has given us perspective into the importance of dependable solutions for our clients. 

hard work

In business, there are not substitutes for hard work and experience.  We will bring you the experience you need, and we won't stop working until you're satisfied.


The relationship with our clients is the most important part of what we do. We work hard not only to earn your trust, but to keep your trust as well.